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Hilltoppers M.C. Trophy Presentation
Jack Rabbits Hare-n-Hound - January 11th, 2004

Thanks to all of the club members that came out to pass out the trophies at the Jack Rabbits race. Harry, Pee Wee, Lee, Danny, Dave, and myself came out Saturday night. Bruce, Alex, James, and Fast Jack came out Sunday. We had a BBQ the night before and walked over to the JRMC camp to see the fire jump. "Crazy Johnny" did not show up this year. Quite a disappointment. Everyone that came out to pick up a trophy had nothing but good things to say about our event and that they were all coming out to our GP.

As far as the shock-n-awe campaign. I was the only one racing. Let just say when I went over the handled bars and broke the clutch perch, (yes it was loose) with only 6 miles to go, it changed into a Limp-n-whine pretty quick. I was able to bang shift it to the finish line only running over a couple of people. If I stopped, it would have died. 2004 has started. This ain't no Disco

Hilltoppers M.C. Club Meetings
very Wednesday Night

Itís getting close to the time when we need to start talking about the G.P. We will be having club meetings once a week until all of the G.P. business is handled. If you have any suggestions on how we can better handle this race or facility, come to a meeting and make your voice heard. There is a lot of room for improvement and we are going to need everybodyís help to get this race back in the correct working order.

Dirt Diggers M.C. Grand Prix - Taft, CA
anuary 31st & February 1st, 2004

It is time for round one of the Big 6 Grand Prix Series. Whoís going out, and when are you going? Bruce Leonard is planning on going out early Friday evening and setting up a camp area for the club. Last year was a blast. The course was almost as good as ours and the beer taps were left open by accident all night Saturday. Made for a tough ride Sunday, but I wasnít threatening any leaders anyway. Let me know when you are planning to go out. We should be able to get a BBQ for the club going for this event as well. Rob????????????? I heard Norm was looking to get some racing done this year?????. 29 Palms guys! Come out and race, this is your invitation.

Hilltoppers M.C. Club Banquet & Awards Ceremony

Looks like we are going to take the show on the road up to Pioneer Town for the festivities. We had a great time last year at Denbyís ride and this promises to be a pretty good party as well. Pete Brown, our illustrious Vice president, will be in charge of the evening and Iím sure he will come up with some note worthy prizes for those of us that stepped on our *^%$ in front of him (you do not want to make a mistake in front of that guy; youíll never live it down). We are going to try to get this done before the race in April so we should have the date in the next newsletter. If anybody has time restrictions or other places to go during this time, let us know and we will try to schedule this party in the time that conflicts with the least amount of people.

We are also thinking about putting on a ride from Soggy up to Pappy and Harrietís. Just a little ride to get you ready to party. Do not miss it.

Checkers M.C. Hare-n-Hound - Lucerne Valley
22nd, 2004

This one is gonna be a good one. This is a two, 40-mile loop race in our own back yard. We are going to need a list of people that want to race and people that can volunteer to pit. Please give me a call if you are going and what you would like to do. We need to show up big in a few events this year to get people interested in joining again. This is one of those events. Bring it Hilltoppers.

Score International - San Felipe 250
ebruary 26th-28th, 2004

Steve Vince is sponsoring a trip down to spectate the race. He has locked in two camping sites at Peteís Camp. I heard Bob and Nancy Daly are going to be down at their house, so we can put a ride together to go by and say hi. This promises to be a really good time. If you have never been, this is a perfect time to get your feet wet, Baja style. If you have been there before, youíll know what youíre missing.

Straight from Steveís mouth:

Whattup party people,

I have two beach front spots reserved at Pete's Camp (http://www.bajaquest.com/petescamp/ ) for this years San Felipe 250. This is a fun weekend for all on the Gulf of Baja. Nice weather, plenty of partying, kick ass race action, etc. You are invited. Details: We will be departing noon on Thursday 02/26 and returning on Monday 03/01. Most important days to be there are Friday 02/27 for Contingency and Saturday 02/27. Leaving on Sunday is a popular option but there will be traffic getting to the border. Plus, it's nice to have an extra day in San Felipe.Beach front camping; you bring your own tent, bags, etc. There are showers, bathrooms, etc. It will be warm, no foul weather gear required. Cost should be minimal, total for the sites is just $160.00, will split evenly between those that attend. Other than that. $$ for beer, food, gas, souvies, or those Bo Derek corn row's you've been thinking about getting. Everyone will be on there own for meals unless Christian wants to step it up for a bbq one or two of the nights. Here's a link to a write up from last years race, http://www.off-road.com/race/2003score/sanfelipe/ Everyone is welcome to attend, email or call with your plans. If anyone needs a ride let me know and we'll work it out for Race day.

Hilltoppers M.C. Web site www.hilltoppersmc.com

Well, if you have not seen it yet, the web site has been updated. Danny F. has been working his @$$ off to get the site up and ready for business. We will be able to get our sign up sheets on the site so a racer can put all of his info in our system, come to our race, and pay the cash and race. This is also a great place to sell some Hilltoppers wear. T-shirts, hats, beer coolies, and flags will all be available and all you have to do is point and click to get it sent to your house. Itís technology at itís best, Pete. We have been sending Danny all the pictures we can find to put the membership pages together. So far, Bernie, Steve, Pete, and I are pretty well represented on the site. We need your pictures. Bring them to a meeting or send them to me at the clubhouse. Call me and I will come and get them. Do what ever you can to get me your memorabilia. We have some great stuff from the 40ís 50ís and 60ís. We need 70ís and 80ís now!

Prarie Dogs M.C. Grand Prix - Location TBA
arch 6th & 7th

They do not have a venue yet, but here is another GP we should be at. Same rules apply. We want to see everyone out at these races. We need racers, support, and guys that want to have a good time. We should have venue info by next news letter.

The Best of Baja
ed Riders Top 10 List:

The best source of information is an expert in the field. The members of the Honda Off-Road Team could certainly be considered experts when it comes to Baja since they spend so much time south of the border.

So, we asked them to name their favorite things in this popular area of Mexico. That way, if youíre wondering what there is to do besides race, their answers might just jog your imagination and lead you to enjoy new things. And if youíre the adventurous type, their answers might prompt you to search out even more alternatives that become your personal favorites. Either way, youíll probably have a good time.

Johnny Campbell
Favorite destination or city: Catavina
Favorite trail or section: the Punta Blanca loop
Favorite restaurant: Mama Espinosaís in El Rosario
Favorite hotel: Mikeís Sky Rancho
Favorite time of year: late winter in San Felipe because itís warm
Favorite taco stand or cart: La Crispa in Ensenada
Favorite non-motorcycling activity: eating
Favorite beach: Shark Head Beach at Punta Blanca
Favorite people-watching spot: the balcony at La Pinta Hotel in Ensenada
Favorite bar: the one at Mikeís Sky Rancho "because itís the only one Iíve ever been to."

Steve Hengeveld
Favorite destination or city: La Paz
Favorite trail or section: "Itís all good!"
Favorite restaurant: Pueblo Café in Ensenada
Favorite hotel: Los Arcos in La Paz
Favorite time of year: Fall
Favorite taco stand or cart: Los Carbons in Ensenada
Favorite non-motorcycling activity: visiting old missions
Favorite beach: Loreto
Favorite people-watching spot: from inside a box van on contingency day while parked at La Pinta Hotel in Ensenada and surrounded by people
Favorite bar: Hussongís Cantina in Ensenada.

Bruce Ogilvie
Favorite destination or city: La Paz
Favorite trail or section: the old road into El Arco that goes from the Bay of L.A. to La Paz, though it doesnít exist any more
Favorite restaurant: Haliotos in Ensenada
Favorite hotel: Caseyís Place condos on the beach in San Felipe
Favorite time of year: spring in San Felipe or La Paz or Cabo in fall because itís warm
Favorite taco stand or cart: a taco stand in San Felipe
Favorite non-motorcycling activity: sightseeing
Favorite beach: on the gulf south of Mulege
Favorite people-watching spot: Ensenada
Favorite bar: Quatro Altos in Loreto

Schedule of events D-37

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Grand Prix

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Hare and Hound

Buy and Sell

*1997 XR600-Bernard Deal is selling this bike-He says it comes with too many parts to list here. Letís just say he works very near the source. Give him a call and he might make you a deal. Pun intended.

*1996-95 ATK 350- Pee Wee Thomas Ė 560 Cam Ported and Polished/Extra Dehoned 10.5 to 1 compression, Electric Start, New Battery, Scottís Stabilizer, Talon Hubs, Pro Taper Bars, New tires, 3.8 Gal tank, street legal current, Green sticker, Lots of extra stuff- $3500

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*2001 Yamaha YZ 85-Jim Coleman-Boysen Reeds, Head work, Ported and polished.

If you have anything you would like to post, Buy or Sell, comments, suggestions, let me know. 562 243-5561 or Scott_Hamby@ahm.honda.com


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